The Positive Impacts of End Standard Time Petition

On October 25, the clocks jump back an hour. It results in lighter mornings and short evenings. Time is recommended to prioritize evenings full of sunlight over lighter mornings. The UK will be able to read the same as other clocks on the continent. Some of the reasons why Daylight Saving time should be incorporated are mentioned below. According to research, lighter and longer winter evenings will provide a lot of money to the tourism industry. More time will be available for tourists to carry out different recreational activities and business people will benefit from their shops will be open for more hours.

It is energy saving. For instance, Britain changed the clocks to make that electrical energy is saved and working hours are increased. Energy consumption is one of the main reason why summer clocks were forwarded. According to researchers, an extra hour of sunlight during winter on a daily basis can save a lot of money since residents use less electricity and heating. It is noted that a lot of Britain's energy production is wasted during the winter season. It is as a result of the fact that there is a lot of light in the morning before people wake up and yet everybody moves around in the evenings.

It has a lot of benefits on businesses carried out in this country. If the UK moves its clocks forward by an hour, it will be in line with the Central European Time. It will enable the cities to operate the same business hours as the other parts of the continent. A business that operates internationally will be able to reduce employees' overtime payments. Besides, there will be no confusion over scheduling, from conference calls to delivery of products and services. It will offer the UK an extra hour with major import and export markets. click

A great deal will improve safety. A lot of parents have complained about children going to school in the dark. With winter daylight savings, safety on the roads will be improved, and crime rates will be lowered. A study conducted showed that the number of road accidents was reduced in the places affected by the time change. It has been noted that accidents tend to occur more in the evening than in the morning. An extra hour will save a lot of many spent on accident-related costs. There will be a drop in the crime rates since more crimes are committed in the evening than in the morning.

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